Adam Holland

Meet Adam Holland

Trade Counter & Sales Support Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics Widnes

Adam Holland Hydraulic repairs in widnes hydroscand widnes Hydraquip widnesEver since I was 8 years old I’ve been interested in mechanics. Growing up I was always playing around with motorbikes and engines and hoped to be a mechanic in the future. After leaving school I attended Warrington College for 2 years and completed NQV levels 1 & 2 in Motor Vehicle Studies. I learnt all about car components and how to service and repair the vehicles. After finishing college in 2013 I started working at my Dad’s friend’s company Eterniti Caravans as part of the production team. I was responsible for manufacturing the mechanisms for the windows on slide out caravans where I gained lots of experience of being in the workplace. Unfortunately in 2014 the company closed due to the financial situation at the time and so I began looking for a new job.

Whilst looking through recruitment websites I noticed that Hydroscand who offered hydraulic repairs in Widnes, had a vacancy for a Branch Assistant. I had nothing to lose so decided to go for it and see if it was a job I enjoyed doing and an industry I liked working in. I started working there in 2014 and thankfully I really enjoyed it! The company offered a hydraulic trade counter service and a service offering hydraulic repairs in Widnes. I worked in the trade counter serving and invoicing customers, manufacturing a large number of hydraulic hose assemblies and organising stock. Being new in the hydraulics industry I had a lot of technical and product knowledge to learn so that I could accurately and correctly recommend products for customers visiting the trade counter, looking for advice for the best product to use on their application. To help me with this I completed a 3 day BFPDA course in hydraulic hose assemblies where I learnt about the different types of hose and fittings available, the working pressures they could withstand, the applications they are suitable for and the health and safety of hydraulics.

In 2015 the Managing Director of Hydraquip Duncan MacBain and the Regional Director Fintan Ennis were in contact with the Branch Manager at Hydroscand Widnes, Paul Bayley Jones. Duncan wanted to open a new branch in Widnes and had discussions with Paul about the opportunity to get a new team together. Paul passed on this information to me and I arranged to meet Duncan and Fintan as I was interested in joining the team. I was unsure of the future at Hydroscand, in my opinion the company wasn’t active enough and I couldn’t really see a future for me to progress further. Whereas I knew Hydraquip were a company who were actively growing, increasing their customer base and their coverage across the UK. I decided to make the move and start working at Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics Widnes. I am Trade Counter & Sales Support, my role involves serving customers in the trade counter, making up hose assemblies, organising paperwork, despatching orders and sorting stock. I am enjoying my time at Hydraquip and am really glad that I decided to join the group. I feel a lot more positive about my job and my future within the company, my colleagues at Widnes and the other Hydraquip branches are great to speak to and work with, we are able to have a laugh and still make sure we get the job done.

My favourite hobby is motocross bikes. I’m always watching it on TV and my favourite bikes to watch are the 2 strokes, I’ve been to Leisure Lakes and Norley racetracks which is a great day out. I own a Kawasaki KX 250 motorbike which I go out on at the weekends, you really can’t beat it! I have two daughters, Ellie-Mai is 4 years old and Layla who is 6 months old. At the weekends Ellie-May loves going to the park, playing on the trampoline and going to the Jelly Beans Playhouse. We also like walking our dog Hunter who is a Husky Rottweiler cross. I also used to play the drums, I started playing when I was 3 years old! I was taught how to play by my Uncle but unfortunately don’t get to play much anymore. A few years ago I entered an under 16s competition and played a drum solo in the O2, London in front of 8 judges. I came 11th place out of hundreds of contestants so am really proud of myself for that!

Monday 12th October 2015

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