Steven Wicks


Tuesday 5th August 2014

Steve Wicks Blaydon Hose & HydraulicsToday meet Steven Wicks

Branch Manager HYDRAQUIP Hose & Hydraulics

I am the branch manager of Hydraquip’s Blaydon branch. From the age of sixteen I spent a couple of years as a painter and decorator before being offered a job at my uncles hydraulic business, Tyneside Hydraulics and as a result have been involved with hydraulics ever since.

Married with three boys Lewis (14), Brandon (12) and Jensen (5). My wife Donna is now expecting a baby girl in December. Our whole family have had eleven boys so finding out were having a girl is rather exciting for every one! Along with working for Hydraquip, I also am actively involved with Donna’s very successful beauty business. Holistic Health and Beauty is coming up to it fifth year of trading and she now has three therapists working for her along with other therapists renting rooms. When she first set up the business, I put in long hours designing signs, brochures, shop fitting and decorating. These days I tend to do a general maintenance, web site and promotional work in my spare time.

My passion in life has always been speedway. Even before I was born my parents would support the Newcastle Diamonds and go to world finals at the old Wembley. They bought me a bike when I was twelve to have a go at a local training track.  At fourteen I was doing regular demonstration rides at Newcastle as I was too young to race. When I reached sixteen years old I rode amateur meetings for my local training track. At seventeen I signed for Workington and rode a season for the Comets before returning to Newcastle to ride for the Diamonds for a number years before spending a year riding for Berwick. I later returned for riding for Newcastle before retiring in the early nineties. I also rode individual meetings and ended up in the top 15 for under 21 in the country.

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