Craig Pottie

Meet Craig Pottie

Hydraulic Service Engineer  Hose & Hydraulics Glasgow

I have worked within the engineering industry for 15 years now, however I have just recently began my hydraulic journey with Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics, prior to this I worked at Pirtek Glasgow as the depot manager. I enjoyed my time at Pirtek, from starting off as a hydraulic hose technician I progressed onto a technical manager and then into the depot manager of the Glasgow branch. I spent 4 years out on the roads in challenging conditions to repair hydraulic machinery. I really enjoy working in challenging conditions, I thrive on challenges and feel pleased overcoming these issues and finding the best possible solutions. One particular job I remember clearly was at Hamden Football Stadium, football is a key passion of mine. I stripped out and replaced the hydraulic hose assemblies which operated the gates. Another job was hosing the hydraulic systems for the Renfrew White Cart Lifting Bridge in Scotland. I recall doing a number of interesting jobs, another one was for Strathclyde University. In 2013 I had to strip out the hydraulic hose assemblies from wind turbine gear boxes and replace these with 150 3/8” bsp and 1.1/2” twin wire hydraulic hose assemblies, the job was completed within two days.

Prior to Pirtek Glasgow I worked for MF Hydraulics, A Plant and Buckhurst Plant Hire. At that time in particular I was the only hydraulic engineer in Scotland for Buckhurst Plant Hire, so as you can imagine I spent most of my time travelling and out on jobs. At MF Hydraulics I worked in the hydraulic engineering workshop where I overhauled complete rams and cylinders. Whether it was a complete overhaul or manufacturing a part, I was responsible for the machining and welding.

I was at the point in my hydraulic career where I was looking to start up my own engineering company from the experience I had gained from overhauling cylinders and rams, machining and welding, and working on emergency hydraulic repairs and engineering projects. However an ex colleague of mine Craig Cormack introduced me to the idea of looking at what Hydraquip could offer. Shortly after Fintan Ennis, the Regional Director made contact with me and I was interested to see what the competition had to offer and what they had planned for the near future within the Scotland region. I was pleasantly surprised and met with Fintan, followed by a meeting with Duncan MacBain, the Managing Director. I could see the passion and the drive Duncan has to ensure Hydraquip is continuously progressing into new areas. Hydraquip currently has two branches in Scotland, Dundee & Aberdeen, by adding a further few engineers in the Glasgow region, the plan is to grow and expand the area of coverage. I am pleased I made the decision to join Hydraquip, from attending the inductions, the feel and the vibe you get from the company and the people is friendly and energetic. Hydraquip are continuously investing in new technologies to drive the company forward. The online service job booking and tracking system, Job Manager is impressive. It simplifies the process for the customer and engineer, it reduces the paperwork for the engineer as everything is now done electronically. This is something I am keen to introduce to my customers and to share the benefits with them.

In my spare time I am a keen mountain biker, I really enjoy spending time out riding my bike. I have always had an interest in and been involved with the army. My interest began when I was younger and began my apprenticeship as an engineer for the territorial army. I joined the army 15 years ago, I really enjoyed the discipline and the regimented structure of my training. I am now an army reservist and have basic military training and fitness. I have been deployed all across the world, in Iraq I ran a fleet of 6 junior soldiers operating fuel and water tankers, I found the responsibility very rewarding. In 2010 I was contracted to Cyprus where I was responsible for 8 patrolled drivers and I spent 6 months in Kuwait carrying out the maintenance, repairs and inspections of American heavy plant machinery. I am currently a football instructor for the Army and have taken the football team to Spain and Germany so far, I am in the process of planning and preparing for another trip to Germany.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

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