Data Centre Hoses

Data Centre Cooling System Data Centre HosesHydraquip’s DataCool range of hoses have been specifically designed by the company in conjunction with a major UK manufacturer for use in data centres. Predominantly for use on cooling doors the hoses lend themselves to offering benefits to both designers and installers. Unlike traditional hose which allows for flexing along the length only, the data centre hoses offer more flexibility due to its unique design offering both the traditional flexing with a generous degree of rotational flexing allowing for the elimination of the need to provide additional swivel connections in the line which reduces potential leakage weak spots.

The data centre hoses are hand built in the UK to Hydraquip’s own specifications then built into a finished assembly in the company’s Kent factory with a choice of fittings to enable secure and compact connections to be made to both pipework and equipment. To complement the fittings Hydraquip offer a vast range of adaptors, valves, quick disconnect couplings and manifolds that can be supplied as a production line ready kit or standalone components.

Due to the potential implications and the locations where these hoses are fitted each finished DataCool assembly is visually inspected and pressure tested before it leaves the factory, with full traceability provided on every hose assembly.

Standard hoses are available in red, blue and black with a fire retardant grey version also available which can be colour collared to aid identification of water flow once installed.

Further information on Hydraquip’s DataCool range and other product for Data Centres can be obtained from the companies Rochester branch.