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Helixguard Service Plug

Helixgaurd Service PlugThe Helixgaurd  service plug is developed to plug hoses or rigid pipes to avoid oils and chemicals from contaminating the environment and to preserve costly oils and liquids inside systems during maintenance and repair. The Helixgaurd Service Plug can also be used to protect channels from dust and corrosion or prevent water, dust and pollution from harming a system and components.

Helixgaurd Service Plug:

    • Industrial Use Only
    • Clean Prior To Reusing
    • Can Be Cut In Length If Too Long
    • For Non Pressurised Systems & Vacuum Systems
    • Prevents Water, Dust, Paint & Pollution From Harming Components
    • No Tools Required
    • Oil Resistant

The Service plug can be used in channels and holes between 1-42mm. Available in 3 packages: 1-10mm, 4 -22mm and 12-42mm.

helix gaurd service plug