Rolls Royce

Hydraquip Are Proud To Be Working In Partnership With And Are An Approved Supplier To Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce was established in 1904 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce as a British luxury car manufacturer, and by 1906 the 6 cylinder Silver Ghost was hailed as ‘the best car in the world’. Rolls Royce have been at the forefront of development and technology for over a century, even designing and manufacturing aeroplane engines due to the outbreak of war. In 1914 their Eagle engine powered the first direct transatlantic flight and the first flight from England to Australia in the Vicker Vimy aircraft.

Over the years, Rolls Royce have been a part of a number of mergers and acquisitions to grow the company which is now known as one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies. Hydraquip is proud to be an approved suppliers to Rolls Royce offering hydraulic hose repairs nationwide. Hydraquip operate the UK’s largest independent on site hose repair service with 28 trading locations and 150+ mobile service engineers across the UK. The Group provide a 24/7, 365 days service to their customers with knowledge and experience of working within a number of different industries. In 1987 Rolls Royce became the only company in Britain capable of delivering power for use in the air, at sea and on land. The £576 million acquisition of Vickers Plc in the late 1990s made them a global leader in marine power systems. Rolls Royce develop a number of engines for both commercial and military vehicles including the Trent 1000 which is the only engine optimised specifically for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Short Take-Off Vertical Landing (STOVL) Fighter Jet which entered service with the US Marine Corps and the UK MoD in 2012.

Rolls Royce currently have 50,000 employees worldwide in 50 different countries with customers in 150 countries such as Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. The industries they serve include civil aerospace, defence aerospace, power systems, marine and nuclear. Rolls Royce are set to revolutionise the next 100 years through their yearly investment of £1.3 billion into research and development, two thirds of which are used to improve the environmental performance of their products in order to achieve a low carbon global economy. Hydraquip ensure that their engineers are all fully trained and comply with current industry standards enabling them to complete even the most complex jobs to suit the customer’s requirements, with extra training given where required. Hydraquip’s mobile engineers are trained on both existing and new technologies to provide a solution for even the most recent equipment and machinery. Through several years of research into electrification, nuclear power and the future of flight, in 2020 the Accel is scheduled for flight over the UK. The Accel is the world’s fastest electric-powered aeroplane with zero emissions and a target speed of 300+ mph. Its aim is to ‘accelerate the electrification of flight’.