Amelia Cregan


Thursday 28th August 2014

Today meet Amelia Cregan 
Sales & Marketing Assistant 

Amelia braided hose divisionPrior to Hydraquip I completed Sixth Form and achieved A Levels in Maths, English Literature, Psychology and Film Studies. I have been working at Hydraquip since February 2013 as a Sales and Marketing Assistant for the Hydraquip Group. I am responsible for processing orders and answering calls as well as participating in marketing activities such as email marketing campaigns, website articles and website data entry.

In my spare time I enjoy ballet and tap dancing and have been dancing since I was 2 years old, performing in regular shows. The next show is called Good Ship Lollipop and it’s in October! I like going to festivals and listening to music, my favourite artist is Beyonce who I have seen live and would really like to see again! In June I went to the Glastonbury festival for the first time. I loved camping there and would like to go again, even though it was VERY muddy. I saw Kasabian and Jake Bugg perform and of course Dolly Parton! I enjoy going on holiday and have been on lots of camping holidays throughout my childhood, mainly in Cornwall eating lots of Cornish pasties over that time! I have recently been on holiday to Corfu and loved swimming in the bright blue seas, I also tried scuba diving while I was there. No tan for me though, just factor 50 suncream! Shopping, make up and socialising with friends are all things that I like to do in my spare time.

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