James Roth


Thursday 21st August 2014

Today meet James Roth

Internal Sales HYDRAQUIP Hose & Hydraulics

Hydroscand Wrexham Hydraquip WrexhamBefore joining the hydraulics industry I worked as a joiner after completing an apprenticeship at Kingsmill Construction as I knew A Levels definitely weren’t for me! Joinery is something which I have continued to enjoy doing, I often work on projects in my spare time. After completing my apprenticeship I began working in a factory environment for Hoya Lens, manufacturing lenses for glasses. I wanted to move on from a factory environment and soon moved into a sales role at Fitness First as a health and fitness salesman for 4 years. This is where I discovered that I enjoyed working in sales and dealing face to face with customers. I have also served as a special constable for 2 years for Cheshire Police, something which I have always been interested in, volunteering to conduct local, intelligence-based patrols and to take part in crime prevention initiatives, often targeted at specific problem areas. My work as a constable included patrolling city centres, responding to 999 calls and driving through the local towns in police cars helping the general public. Prior to Hydraquip, I had spent several years working at a hydraulics company Hydroscand Wrexham. I managed to secure my position there through Stuart Spurdle who also at the time worked for Hydroscand Wrexham and has now moved on to become the Branch Manager of Hydraquip Wrexham. I happened to know Stuart already as he lived next door to a family member of mine! I left Hydroscand Wrexham in 2014 along with Stuart Spurdle when Hydraquip opened up a hydraulic counter in 2014 in Wrexham, I joined as an internal sales representative to provide technical product support to customers due to my extensive product knowledge gained over the years.

In 2012 I was very proud and pleased to complete the torch relay at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire for the Olympics where I received a medal with David Cameron’s signature on thanking me for delivering a safe Olympic Games to Britain! My hobbies include reading, cooking and going to the gym (not very often I admit, but still recall where it is). I enjoy cooking Chinese food the most as it is my favourite and love reading Dan Brown books such as The Da Vinci Code. I do find myself doing quite a bit of DIY such as joinery and actually built my own shed from scratch last year which only took me 1 week! I enjoy watching films and listening to music, and like a diverse range of both, there isn’t much that I don’t like. I am a supporter of Everton FC and go to watch them play at least twice a year, more often if possible! I do a quiz at my local pub once a week with my Dad and his wife, but sadly we’ve never won!

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