Simon Kay


Wednesday 13th August 2014

Today meet Simon Kay 

Branch Manager HYDRAQUIP Metal Hose Division

Simon Kay Metal Hose
I started out working as an apprentice Electronic Technician with British Aerospace learning skilled manufacturing for 10 years. Following this I joined the hose industry in 1999, in a variety of roles starting from goods in, manufacturing, technical internal sales and the working my way up to a sales office manager. After spending quite a number of years at what was then known as Flexible Hose Supplies selling stainless steel metallic hose assemblies, I joined Hydraquip in 2010 as the branch manager for the Metal Hose Division in Bolton. Throughout my working experience I have gained a wealth of technical knowledge within the metal hose industry, my knowledge on stainless steel hoses is quite vast.

I must mention Rob Vickers who works in sales for Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division. Rob and I first met when we were both 11 years old at school. We were in the same class, and spent several years in school as best friends. After joining Flexible Hose Supplies, a vacancy arose in the sales department, I knew Rob would be interested, so I informed him of the position and he applied and he got the job!
When Flexible Hose Supplies was purchased by Eriks Hose Technologies, my colleagues and I were given the unfortunate news of being made redundant, this hit us all hard, especially as Christmas was approaching. I happened to be speaking with Rabs from Hydraquip the following day and informed her of the situation.  As soon as I had put the phone down, I received a call from Duncan at Hydraquip informing me that he would be opening up a new Metal Hose Division in Bolton, and was prepared to take on the team. In January 2010 (a month or so later) Rob, Si KayCarolyn and I were working at Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division and the rest is now history!

I have a keen interest in history, a massive Liverpool fan, socialising and watching sci-fi films. Have recently taken up playing golf after 20 year break. I do consider myself as a bit of a historian but without the studies! I am a member of the National Trust, visiting museums, castles and gardens across the land, I find it all very interesting learning about the history of places. I am pretty good on music and sport so always handy to be with in a quiz. I do enjoy travelling, one of my most favourite destinations has to be America, i’ve been many times to all 4 corners of the USA and will be re-visiting California again next year. I must be the only person to have gone whale watching in Cape Cod and never got to see one!!!! I do like to party though i’m not a big drinker haha! I do enjoy a good fancy dress party…I think the long blonde hair suits me. Engaged to karen and enjoy being ‘engaged’ for now LOL (she will kill me if she reads this).

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