Imperial/Metric, Nylorack Tube Clips, O Clips & Ferrules

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Part NumberOutside DiameterNumber of Tubes ClampedList Price1-9 Price10+ PriceQuantity
N10/15/16" (8mm)1£2.39£2.03£1.91
N10/25/16" (8mm)2£2.64£2.24£2.11
N10/35/16" (8mm)3£3.20£2.72£2.56
N12/13/8" (10mm)1£2.64£2.24£2.11
N12/23/8" (10mm)2£2.64£2.24£2.11
N12/33/8" (10mm)3£3.20£2.72£2.56
N12/53/8" (10mm)5£8.73£7.42£6.98
N16/11/2" (12mm)1£2.64£2.24£2.11
N16/21/2" (12mm)2£2.64£2.24£2.11
N6/13/16" (4mm)1£1.62£1.38£1.30
N6/23/16" (4mm)2£2.54£2.16£2.03
N6/33/16" (4mm)3£2.64£2.24£2.11
N6/43/16" (4mm)4£3.20£2.72£2.56
N6/53/16" (4mm)5£3.20£2.72£2.56
N8/11/4" (6mm)1£2.39£2.03£1.91
N8/101/4" (6mm)10£8.73£7.42£6.98
N8/21/4" (6mm)2£2.64£2.24£2.11
N8/31/4" (6mm)3£2.89£2.46£2.31
N8/41/4" (6mm)4£3.20£2.72£2.56
Total : £0.00