Insulated Hoses

Hydraquip’s range of hoses for Building Service applications can be pre insulated with Class O insulation (9mm minimum wall depending on bore) for all lengths up to 2mtr long. Hose sizes of ½” and ¾” bore are supplied capped (red or black) and vapour sealed whilst sizes 1” to 2” are supplied taped and vapour sealed. The fitting of insulation will not have a significant restrictive effect on the minimum bend radius of a hose but the insulation may kink or become unsightly where hoses are bent to their minimum radii. Hoses fitted with insulation should be handled carefully as they can be prone to tearing or denting of the cover if not handled or stored correctly.
NB. Hydraquip do not recommend the use of hoses fitted with insulation that are not vapour sealed as this can lead to corrosion and eventually a hose failure.