Solar Hose & Fittings

Solarquip hose is a range of 316L Stainless Steel convoluted flexible hoses suitable for Solar Heating Systems in sizes DN12, 16, 20 & 25. Available in three options which are uninsulated, insulated and twin insulated hose with optional wire. The hose is supplied in a variety of lengths which fulfil the needs of most applications and are continuous lengths of 10m/15m/25m all being available from stock with 50m and cut lengths available on request. The optional High Temperature close cell EPDM pipe insulation is covered with a durable PE cover and designed to protect against UV light and damage when pulled through cavities and a central membrane allowing flow and return pipes to be split easily. This hose is regularly used on the connection of solar panels to HW cylinder and pumping station but is not limited to just that application and would lend itself to other systems compatible with the materials of its construction (stainless steel & brass). A complimentary range of self assembly fittings manufactured from Brass is available to meet most installation requirements along with a simple to use hammer tool for preparation of the hose ends prior to connection. The range lends itself to further adaption with standard off the shelf brass fittings. As with the hose these fittings are not purely for Solar applications but lend themselves to other applications compatible with the materials of construction and their working parameters.