Atlas Cranes

Hydraquip Are Proud To Be Working In Partnership With And Are An Approved Supplier To Atlas Cranes

Atlas Cranes are one of the world’s leading suppliers of cranes supplying a wide range of construction and agricultural machinery for the construction, railroad, materials handling and infrastructure industries. The machinery ranges from wheeled excavators, railroad excavators and short tailed crawler excavators to v-boom cranes, recycling cranes and military cranes with a variety of small, medium and large truck loader cranes.

Small cranes are available for landscaping, building materials and deliveries whilst medium and large sized cranes are also suitable for lifting logistics, container logistics and assembly work. As an approved supplier to Atlas Cranes, Hydraquip can support any repairs or maintenance contracts required 24/7, 365 days a year through our network of experienced and knowledgeable engineers based across the UK. Our engineers have the expertise to offer diagnostics and solutions on hydraulic machinery to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and the machine’s efficiency is a priority.

Since 1968 Atlas Cranes have manufactured more than 2300 specialist loader cranes for the military, many of which are still in active service until 2036. Known for their reliability and performance, Atlas Cranes operate a specialist division with a dedicated product support manager and trained engineers who are responsive to the unique requirements of this sector. Hydraquip’s engineers are provided with extra training where required to ensure they have the skills required to complete the job, even when working on bespoke loaders and custom built test facilities, as well as power packs, rams, valve blocks and other major hydraulic components.