Hydraulic Engineering

Early in the company’s history as Hydraquip’s customer base increased so did the number of requests for engineers to work on hydraulic systems that required more technical knowledge. This led to the creation of the On Site Engineering Division being created which works in conjunction with and separately from their On Site Hose Repair Service providing a partnership that creates new opportunities for both sides from their respective customers.

With numerous members of the team having engineering backgrounds and hydraulic system expertise it provided a solid foundation from which to build a team of engineers that could meet this growing demand. Hydraulic engineering contracts have been won and serviced throughout the UK and Europe in areas such as Aviation – Flight Simulators, Dockyard – Hydraulic Hoists, Bascule Bridge System, Manufacturing Plants – assorted hydraulic systems, Paper Processing Plant– planned maintenance contract, Rail – Maintenance contract and also in Zoo’s – various hydraulic systems.

Each new project potentially brings new challenges with past contracts introducing the engineers to some very unfamiliar locations from waterside to working next to gorillas. As part of each hydraulic engineering contract, every part of health & safety is taken into consideration and where required additional training is provided to the engineers.