Marine Engineering

Hydraquip are a leading engineering service provider of the maintenance and repair for marine hydraulic systems.  Whether its a refit, or repair or a complete design and installation of a hydraulic system. Our fully trained engineers offer vessel inspections, fault finding, testing, analysis, part sourcing, system design, modification, replacements and installation.

Hydraulic marine engineering – maintenance & installation service of all hydraulic systems:

    • Cranes
    • Access Platforms
    • Hydraulic Deck Equipment
    • Service
    • Hydraulic Pumps
    • Hydraulic Winches and many more
    • Hydraulic Steering
    • Hydraulic Rams

Whilst still under the traditional ‘hydraulics’ banner Marine hydraulics brings with it numerous additional challenges in both product and design which the Hydraquip’s hydraulic marine engineering team has  acquired years of experience in solving the challenges provided by a wide range of Marine customers both on and off shore. The ability to provide these solutions and not just supply parts is key in the success of this division and has led to a number of ‘faulty and underperforming’ systems being overhauled and improved to provide performances that had been long forgotten or sometimes never seen before, and quite often with customer supplied manuals that are somewhat ambiguous or inaccurate.

The hydraulic marine engineering team at Hydraquip initially started supplying their services to marine related companies for a number of reasons but more often than not because of a breakdown or a failure situation within a system or part of it, however more and more of these companies are partnering with Hydraquip due to their expertise and their ability to provide preventative and programmed solutions for long term security and piece of mind.

Recent hydraulic marine engineering projects have covered the redesign and recondition of hydraulic systems onboard a fleet of dredgers, Bascule bridge hydraulic system overhaul, 316 Stainless steel hydraulic systems including pipe-work along with numerous hydraulic pumps, cylinders & motors and hydraulic systems having been overhauled.