Manuli Rockmaster Hose

Manuli RockmasterThe Manuli Rockmaster 2SN is a medium to high pressure hose range used in heavy duty environmental conditions and specific installations with severe abrasion conditions, such as marine applications, underground and open pit mining.

Standard in all Hydraquip service vans & trade counters.

 10x More Abrasion Resistant Than Standard Hose

 Available in 2SN, 2SC, 4SH and 4SP

 Upgrade At No Extra Cost


  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • High ozone and weather resistance
  • Flame resistance to a wide range of spec
  • Antistatic and antitoxic cover
  • Above standard pressure resistance

Continuous Service Temperature Range:

Click to view data sheets: Rockmaster 2SC, Rockmaster 4SH, Tractor 2SC.