BMI Hose UK Cease Trading

Onsite 247 EngineeringOn the 15th February 2013 BMI Hose UK have announced they are ceasing to trade. Hydraquip Hose and Hydraulics have taken immediate action to provide continuity of service to existing customers and national contracts.

We are pleased to announce that Linda Wilkinson who formally ran the National Accounts call centre at BMI Wolverhampton has been employed to manage requirements from national accounts and in the first instance Hydraquip will provide an instant account to any former BMI Hose customers to ensure no delays in reacting to critical breakdowns. Authorisation for repairs will require an email or faxed instruction issuing the job to Hydraquip.
Until further notice the same pricing terms offered by BMI will be held with the intention to hold these prices for as long as possible.

In addition to Hydraquip operating a fleet of 45 fully owned On Site Mobile Service Vans, we (Hydraquip) are in the process of recruiting existing BMI Hose engineers in Key area’s to expand on our own Network.


The following contacts are able to assist.

Linda Wilkinson              National Accounts                         Tel: 0845 463 0002  

Fintan Ennis                   Director                                          Mob: 07791 837773

Duncan MacBain            Managing Director                         Mob: 0780 145 8791