Hydraquip’s Hydraulic Power Packs Powering Systems Across The UK

Hydraquip’s Hydraulic Power Packs Powering Systems Across The UK

  • Full turnkey solutions including the design & build of power pack units
  • Over 250 years of combined experience building power packs
  • Off the shelf power pack units available with customisable parts
  • Manually operated hydraulic rollover cattle crush to enable farmers to treat lame animals safely and efficiently 

PUBLISHED BY: Amelia Cregan PUBLISHED: 1st April 2015

Hydraulic Power packsHydraquip’s Hose & Hydraulics Division offer a complete design and build service of bespoke power packs and ancillary equipment across the UK and overseas for industries such as power generation, agriculture, aerospace, defence, marine, food processing, refrigeration, oil & gas, precision machining and test houses. With over 250 years of combined hydraulic power pack experience, Hydraquip’s hydraulic engineering team have the complete expertise and in depth understanding of all the operational features and components of a power pack unit enabling them to provide a package of services including project understanding, design, build, installation, commissioning, service, after sales maintenance and technical support. Many of these projects start off as simple ideas or notes which are then passed across to Hydraquip’s engineers to create and provide a designed solution to meet, often exceeding the customer’s needs. In many cases this extends to full project management with Hydraquip providing turnkey solutions including ancillary items such as cylinders and winches.

Hydraquip’s engineering team have developed a strong portfolio over the years by designing and building control panels, test units, full hydraulic circuitry, pipe work and numerous designs of pumps, as well as offering powerpacks with a variety of power sources such as air, DC, AC (single phase & 3 phase), petrol or diesel.

Examples of bespoke systems built by Hydraquip in the recent years include:
• A PLC controlled test rig for the hydrostatic and gas pressure testing of subsea valves at pressures up to 15,000 psi. The system is linked to PC for automatic generation of test certification.

• A manually operated hydraulic rollover cattle crush to enable farmers to treat lame animals safely and efficiently.

• An all stainless construction, water based hydraulic powerpack for the control of a decommissioning robot in a nuclear power station.

• Mobile hydraulic power pack units for the emergency operation of BOP valves. ATEX certificated for use in a Zone 1 hazardous area.

• Hydraulic power pack units for the control of hydraulically operated machine tool fixtures. Controlled by RFID tags to ensure that the correct program is used for each component to be machined. Now adopted as standard by a major aerospace manufacturer in various locations worldwide.

• A family of modular hydraulic power pack systems with proportional controls for the stress testing of wind turbine blades, complete with inbuilt particle analysis which continually monitors the condition of the system and shuts down automatically in the event of an issue. These units are linked to a remote control room where operators can run tests at a safe distance.

Hydraquip’s engineering team are proactive in ensuring their customers are updated on the design and build progress of their project with each member of staff working closely with the customer to ensure that projects are completed to the customer’s satisfaction and all of the customer’s requirements are achieved. Once the units are in service, Hydraquip offer additional support with a choice of servicing contracts and pre agreed inspections tailored to suit the customer’s needs ensuring that all machinery is fully operational at all times. Hydraquip’s workshops are equipped with a modernised range of pressure testing, flushing and particle analysis equipment allowing for all units to be tested and certified to the highest cleanliness standards prior to despatch.

Ready-Made-PowerpacksIn addition to Hydraquip’s design and build range of bespoke power pack units, Hydraquip understand the importance of a quick response from a supplier when requiring a hydraulic power pack in pressing circumstances. For this reason a wide range of standard components are stocked allowing power packs to be built and despatched on short lead times, often within 24 hours from Hydraquip’s Off The Shelf Range. Hydraulic power pack units from Hydraquip’s Off The Shelf Range can be customised to meet exact requirements with the addition of extra valves or control units.

As part of Hydraquip’s maintenance and after care programs, Hydraquip can refurbish, overhaul and upgrade power packs built by other manufacturers with services including repainting and new components being fitted such as hoses, control valves, stainless steel reservoirs and pipe work, cylinders and control systems.

For enquiries and technical information on the range of powerpacks available please contact Hydraquip’s Blaydon branch on T: 0191 414 2491 or E: [email protected]

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