PUBLISHED BY: Rabs Atwal PUBLISHED: 1st June 2021

  • Hydraquip’s Oil Analysis Service reduces the potential for failure & identifies contaminated oil
  • Sealed samples are sent off to the laboratory for testing
  • Data interpreted into an easy to understand report which is supplied to the customer

Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics offer a number of sampling options as preventative measures towards reducing the potential for failure and also in identifying the likely cause of contamination which can allow for an organised response in curing the fault. 

Technological processes used for hydraulic systems are becoming far more sophisticated with the individual components used increasingly reliant on the oil being of a high standard to achieve maximum performance with contaminated oil potentially being capable of halting and damaging any system.

Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics trained mobile engineers adhere to the latest industry standards to ensure oil samples taken have correctly and safely been extracted. From only £55* a sample, Hydraquip will arrange for an engineer to travel to your site to extract and obtain an oil sample from your machinery. Whilst the engineer is still on site Hydraquip offer additional samples at £35.00 each for a further individual report.

Benefits of Oil Sampling 

  • Development of more efficient maintenance strategies
  • Reduce number of failures
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Improve equipment efficiency and reduce energy wastage
  • Decrease equipment downtime

Oil analysis reports are available within 7 working days. The report will identify any early signs of contamination, fluid degradation and abnormal wear before causing any costly or permanent damage to your equipment. The report will look into the properties of the oil to monitor if the lubricant has reached a point at which it is no longer serviceable and when the customer can schedule in a change of oil within its machinery. Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics engineers will look to identify the cause of contamination and will advise of this prior to replacing the oil, along with an explanation of the report.

The consequences of leaving the oil in your machinery to chance could prove costly with contaminated oil not only causing downtime but also the possibility of causing damage to a machine’s performance over time.

Purchase your oil sampling online https://hydraquip.co.uk/oil-analysis/ or contact any one of our 24 branches https://hydraquip.co.uk/our-locations/ for further information.

* For £55.00 an engineer will attend your site if within one hour travel of any of our branches to take an oil sample. Offer applies for a limited time only.