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• Aerospace Test Chamber Designed For Pressures Up To 10,000 PSI
• Custom Built To Customer’s Requirements For High Efficiency
• Ongoing Maintenance Programme Including Manual, Schematics, Certificates And Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses Assemblies

PUBLISHED BY: Alex Mathews  PUBLISHED: 4th April 2022

When a well-known customer in the aerospace industry needed a new high pressure testing facility, Hydraquip’s skilled team of engineers were tasked with designing and building a new system. Hydraquip worked closely with the customer to produce a design that met their demands, proposing a stainless steel test chamber connected to a hydrostatic power unit.

The customer sought a small and compact test chamber, with a power pack capable of testing new aerospace fittings for a helicopter, at 10,000 PSI. Hydraquip’s project engineering team had to find solutions to meet this, within the customer’s budget requirements. Despite this, they were able to successfully provide for the customer, without impeding the quality of the system. This was thanks to Hydraquip’s Senior Technical Engineer Kelly Owen, who was able to source materials that exceeded the customer’s expectations and maximised the efficiency of the test chamber.

Hydraquip’s engineering team had to consider the materials used in the design for the test chamber and power pack, as distilled water was the fluid elected to flow through the pump. Stainless Steel was chosen as the properties can handle extremely high pressures, and with its chromium content, it will not rust even after extensive use.

The Stainless Steel Test Chamber was made of 1.4301 stainless steel, and compact, measuring only a metre cubed. It features a viewing window made of 8mm polycarbonate. This was designed to be clear and shatterproof, preventing the risk of external damage and injury to the user. The viewing window is attached to a hinged front panel, with the hinges fixing in the upright position, allowing easy access to inside the chamber. Components can then be mounted on a removable internal perforated tray for testing, granting more room for the user to attach the components. An internal drip-tray area was installed to collect any excess fluid.

The Hydrostatic Power Unit was designed by the Hydraquip team in house, made up of a stainless steel frame assembly, with an air pump capable of operating at up to 10,000 PSI, with a 65 PSI input. A 14 litre stainless steel reservoir, suitable for containing distilled water, is included and features a drain tap, filler cap, strainer and level sight glass, for remote monitoring. To cope with the high pressure, a class 1 calibrated pressure gauge capable of measuring up to 15,000 PSI is included in the pack. A discharge valve is fitted to release pressure, allowing for better control of flow and pressure, and preventing backflow. An additional lockable air regulator is equipped to limit maximum air supply pressure.

Kelly Owen and his experienced engineering service team, in Strood, assembled and tested the power pack and test chamber using the high-level facilities at their disposal. As is the case with all Hydraquip projects, the customer was provided with documentation including a manual, schematics and certificates for the test chamber and power pack. Additional thermoplastic hydraulic hoses were supplied for future routine replacements, given their flexibility and abrasive resistance, as part of Hydraquip’s maintenance program.

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