The Royal Refurbishment

canada memorial fountain

Canada Memorial Fountain

Pierre Granche’s Canada Memorial, was dedicated to the memory of Canadian soldiers who served in World War I and II, and stands in London’s Green Park on a site close to the Canada Gates and to Buckingham Palace. Recently the Canada memorial fountain has been out of commission due to a number of leaks as a result of corrosion and failures in the hoses that feed the water through the system. HYDRAQUIP was contacted by The Fountain Workshop Ltd based at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham Kent, to see if they could assist with the refurbishment of the system, which they accepted but rather than just replace like for like hose system they looked at ways in which they could provide a long term solution with regards to durability and maintenance.

The hose assemblies used in the refurbishment were stainless steel over braided PEX hose with stainless steel ferrules retaining building services quality nickel plated brass fittings which was supplied from HYDRAQUIP’s Braided Hose Division and the installation expertise from the Hose & Hydraulic’s Engineers. Two HYDRAQUIP engineers worked alongside The Fountain Workshop engineers on the Canada memorial fountain for four days stripping out the old pipe work, valves and cleaning up of the remaining parts before installing new components. With the sides of the Canada memorial fountain removed they had easy access to the core of the fountain despite having to dig out many of the old hoses which had been buried in the concrete hardcore mix at some point in time, whilst due to severe corrosion and inappropriate fittings materials being used previously a number of the hoses and connecting pipe work had to be cut out and new lengths of tubing installed as were some of the valves which had become seized.

Upon completion and prior to the hand over the HYDRAQUIP team and the Fountain Workshop Engineers carried out a full pressure test on the newly installed hoses and once 100% satisfied they “handed back” a working Canada memorial fountain that will pay it’s part in paying tribute and remembering those brave Canadians that gave their lives in two World Wars.The fitting of the new hoses will provide the Canada memorial fountain with an uninterrupted supply of water for years to come with any necessary maintenance being easily carried out due to the type of fitting used on the new Hydraquip hose assemblies. The full range of services and products available from Hydraquip can be viewed on their website or by contacting any of their branches. For more detailed information on this project or to discuss a similar forthcoming project contact Alan Scott on t: 01634 291 245