K4H 2013 In Support Of Help For Heroes

karting-for-heroes HydraquipKarting for Heroes is an annual event organised by Hydraquip in support of Help for Heroes and consists of up to 35 teams competing in a three hour kart race at Buckmore Park in Kent. The 2013 event will be held on Saturday 25th May 2013 and is open for entries from teams of all driving abilities from those who have never raced a kart before to those who live in karts with everyone in-between welcome too.

What To Expect

A relaxed and friendly gathering of likeminded people who enjoy karting or want to support a worthwhile charity. With teams coming for the first time and full of novices to teams who have supported the events in the past there is a family feel to the event which makes for some good banter between the teams as the race progresses.

Drivers must be 16+ years old with everyone welcome regardless of their driving ability. Up to 35 teams on a 1200mtr track which fills up fairly quickly with 35 karts racing. 3 hours of adrenalin pumping competition!

After the race are the trophy presentations and Karting For Heroes Auction along with ample opportunities to come up with your best excuse for not winning!

Full event details, latest updates and history are available on the Karting For Heroes website www.kartingforheroes.com