Meet The Team

Meet The Team At Hydraquip

meet the teamThe Hydraquip Group celebrated its 25th anniversary in August 2014 as the UK’s largest privately owned hose & hydraulics solution provider.

Established in 1989 by Managing Director Duncan MacBain, initially offering fluid power related products from a single hydraulic trade counter in Crawley, West Sussex. Over the course of twenty five years, Hydraquip have grown into a nationwide multi-million pound company that has diversified into a variety of different marketplaces that predominantly fall into four divisions which is reflected in the Group’s set up as it trades as independent market leading companies: Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics, Hydraquip Braided Hose Division, Hydraquip Metal Hose Division and Linden Hose & Adaptors Ltd.

As the Group celebrated their silver jubilee, MacBain reflected on the previous two and a half decades “one of the keys to our success and one of the company’s most valuable assets is our staff. We value our team, they are the ones that keep the company moving forward, therefore Hydraquip invest in ways on improving employee engagement, understanding each individual has different motivations for working, setting a good forward thinking working culture, and showing praise and appreciation for good work.’  MacBain added ‘Showing employees trust by giving them responsibility and room to develop adds volumes to their self esteem, resulting in a better performance.’

Hydraquip are proud to showcase a selection of the Group’s team, to give customers, suppliers and friends an insight to the staff that have helped the hose and hydraulic firm reach the heights it has achieved today.

Meet The Team

04.08.14 Duncan MacBain 20.05.15 Tom Halliday 22.05.18 James Dorling
05.08.14 Steven Wicks 20.07.15 Lee Dobson 22.05.18 Kyle Green
06.08.14 Dawn Campbell 02.10.15 Pete Russell 22.05.18 Ben Richards
08.08.14 Gary Tucker 19.11.15 Lee Newton 22.05.18 Matthew Davies
11.08.14 Jay MacBain 19.11.15 Elfyn Roberts 22.05.18 Craig Cormack
12.08.14 Rabs Atwal 04.01.16 Steven Nock 22.05.18 Simon Durose
13.08.14 Simon Kay 04.01.16 Stuart Carter 22.05.18 Ross Heatherington
14.08.14 Stuart Spurdle 04.01.16 Nathan Ward 22.05.18 Jamie Basden
15.08.14 Geoff Kelley 13.04.16 Matt House 23.05.18 Gary Matthews
19.08.14 Bob Wheatley 14.06.16 Richard Sawyer 23.05.18 Josh Lewington
20.08.14 David Callaghan 01.11.16 Dave Berry 23.05.18 Jake Hillier
21.08.14 James Roth 01.11.16 Paul Jeffrey 23.05.18 Jason Coller
22.08.14 Barry Saupin 01.11.16 Bryan Drummond 23.05.18 Angela Hughes
26.08.14 Carolyn Kay 08.11.16 Scott Donegan 25.06.18 Dai Hazeltine
27.08.14 Alan Scott 10.11.16 Tom Donnelly 18.07.18 Ben Preece
28.08.14 Amelia Cregan 14.11.16 Rich Cooper
29.08.14 Fintan Ennis 02.12.16 Mark Hughes
01.09.14 Mark Neale 22.05.17 Roy Heaton
22.09.14 James Harris 25.05.17 Chris Culver
07.10.14 Tony Brighton 31.01.18 Rob Savage
20.11.14 Ross Burbidge 12.02.18 Derek Emslie
26.11.14 Andy Carr 15.02.18 Phil Wagstaff
17.12.14 Bert Tong 23.02.18 Alex Currie
19.01.15 Barry Thompson 18.05.18 Rob Heaton