• Hydraquip’s Oil Analysis Service reduces the potential for failure & identifies contaminated oil
  • Sealed samples are sent off to the laboratory for testing
  • Data interpreted into an easy to understand report which is supplied to the customer

PUBLISHED BY: Rabs Atwal PUBLISHED: 09th July 2015

hydraquip oil Analysis reportOil used in hydraulic machinery is often overlooked as a potential for failure. Whilst keeping oil at the required level is taken as green the actual quality of the oil is frequently forgotten. With advances in technology and hydraulic systems becoming more complicated, the individual components are more reliant on the oil being of a high standard to achieve maximum performance with contaminated oil potentially being capable of halting and damaging any system.

Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics offer an Oil Analysis Service which was devised as part of a preventative maintenance program, working towards reducing the potential for failure and also in identifying the potential cause of contamination which can allow for an organised response in curing the fault. Customers who opt for the maintenance program which records and tracks the results over the life of a particular machine benefit with the monitoring of trends and any influences which could result in equipment downtime, along with offering suggestions for system enhancements to maximise performance. Typical types of contamination which can occur on hydraulic machinery include metallic, silica, silt, bacteria colonies and water, which can lead to complaints such as clogging of nozzles and valves, mechanical wear, corrosion and increased operating temperatures.

As many components are bespoke and not off the shelf, any advanced warning will assist in keeping downtime to a minimum thus reducing breakdown costs significantly. Hydraquip’s oil sampling procedure for analysis is much like collecting forensic evidence, understanding the importance of minimising any disturbance or cross contamination of the sample drawn. Hydraquip’s trained engineers utilise clean bottles for each piece of machinery which are sealed and sent off to the laboratory for an analysis report.

OIl Analysis SamplingHydraquip’s oil sampling procedures have benefitted many of their customers by avoiding expensive machinery and equipment failure with the testing of oil and understanding the risks and levels of contamination. The test procedure shows what level of contamination is present with any discoveries helping to find the cause and in turn a solution for an impending problem. Results of the oil sampling are interpreted into an easy to follow and understand report which is supplied to the customer.

The consequences of leaving the oil in your machinery to chance could prove costly with contaminated oil not only causing downtime but also the possibility of causing damage to a machine’s performance over time. Both oil sampling analysis and preventative maintenance programs can be scheduled to suit you and your system. With Hydraquip’s flexibility, work can be scheduled during the day, night or during shut down periods, with engineering teams working 24/7 365 days a year, this service can offer long term performance benefits with minimal disruption. Contact your local Hydraquip branch today for further information.


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