• Hydraquip Introduce Transnordic Hydraulic Valves To The Team
  • Specialist Manufacturers Of Hydraulic Valves
  • Repairs & Servicing Of Hydraulic Valves
  • Investment Of New CNC Milling Machinery
  • Goal To Grow Existing Hydraulic Valve Range

PUBLISHED BY: Rabs Atwal  PUBLISHED: 11th Novemeber 2015

Transnordic Hydraulic ValvesHydraquip have expanded their operations by welcoming Transnordic, a UK manufacturer of hydraulic valves, specialising in the design and manufacture of valves including custom built valves.

Transnordic Limited was originally established in 1979 in Rochester, Kent, by then Managing Director Michael Baxter. It was here that at a mere age of seventeen Managing Director of Hydraquip Duncan MacBain carried out his Mechanical & Production Engineering apprenticeship for a course of three years. Duncan was delighted to take this opportunity to carry forward the Transnordics story which will continue to trade at their existing unit, Vicarage Lane Factories, Hoo Marina, Hoo, Rochester, Kent ME3 9LB.

Richard Sawyer will continue as the Managing Director, Jeff Andrews as Technical Director, along with retaining all its existing staff to continue the relationships with customers, with the benefit of the Hydraquip Group’s solid recipe of marketing, customer service , IT and strong finances. Richard explains “We are all very excited and optimistic of being part of Hydraquip, a well established company. Mike Baxter had the great pleasure of selling Transnordic to Duncan because of the history shared together of when Duncan carried out his apprenticeship with the company.” Richard goes on to say “It gives me great confidence seeing how Duncan started Hydraquip up from scratch, to it now being a leader within its industry.” The team at Transnordic offer a wealth of technical and manufacturing knowledge with the capabilities to offer a design service for custom built valves that meet system specifications and requirements. The Transnordic Hydraulic Valves team will continue to manufacture mobile control, diverter and circuit valves with flows up to 300 ltr per minute and pressures up to 320 bar. Along with the capabilities of repairing and servicing old or damaged valves, from dismantling, inspecting, cleaning and repairing the hydraulic valves.

Transnordic hydraulic valvesHydraquip’s Managing Director Duncan MacBain comments, “The goal is to build a solid future for Transnordic, our strategy is to grow the business and to invest in more efficient machinery, and look at building partnerships worldwide to strengthen the range of hydraulic valves.” The goal will allow Transnordic Hydraulic Valves to offer a larger comprehensive range of hydraulic valves allowing the company to cater for a larger number of applications and industries. In addition to Transnordic’s CNC milling machine, Hydraquip will invest in a further modernised CNC machine with higher levels of precision, accuracy and efficiency.

Transnordic Hydraulic Valves
Vicarage Lane Factories, Hoo Marina, Hoo, Rochester, Kent ME3 9LB.
T: 01634 252 300 E: [email protected] W: www.transnordic.co.uk

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