Terberg DTS

Hydraquip Are Proud To Be Working In Partnership With And Are An Approved Supplier To Terberg DTS

Terberg DTS are a worldwide company supplying tractors and vehicles to the distribution, ports, industry, road, rail and civil engineering markets in over 100 countries. Terberg’s range of tractors consist of yard tractors, distribution tractors, roro tractors, terminal tractors, body carriers and road/rail tractors, all of which are used by major port operators as they offer high fuel efficiency as well as reduced running and maintenance costs with parts delivered worldwide within 48 hours. Yard tractors (YT), terminal tractors (TT) and roro tractors (RT) can be used to transport loads up to 375 tonnes in distribution environments, steelworks, recycling and waste processing with ease of manoeuvring and swivelling seats allowing the driver to operate on ramps and slopes. Hydraquip offer a 24/7 national on site hose repair service providing hydraulic repairs 365 days a year. In the event of a breakdown or a hydraulic hose failure on a Terberg tractor, Hydraquip’s engineers are able to arrive on site quickly and efficiently in order to complete the job there and then.

In the road and rail industries, tractors are used for shunting rail wagons and road trailers with tyres and hydraulically deployed track wheels for use on conventional tracks and paved surfaces.

Terberg’s tractors are also used in ports and on industrial sites, often up to 2500 mtrs above sea level for mountain tunnel construction within the civil engineering sector. The specialised machinery has great agility, forward and reverse directions, and a small turning circle enabling it to be safe and ideal for use in tunnels. Its narrow build also allows for two way traffic inside the tunnels whilst container carriers are also available for carrying concrete and other materials used for hydroelectric power plants. Hydraquip’s engineers are fully qualified and trained to current industry standards enabling them to offer diagnostics, fault finding and repairs in a wide variety of industries and on a large range of hydraulic equipment and machinery. Hydraquip’s mobile service engineers will determine the most efficient and effective solution with additional maintenance programmes available to ensure the customer’s machinery is working to its full potential and to prevent the risk of further damage to a machine.

Bespoke tractors are also available from Terberg DTS which can be manufactured for specialised applications such as aviation and airports. Terberg offer global 24 hour support with new, replacement or hire units available within 24 hours. By operating 24/7, Hydraquip are able to support their customers at all times no matter when a hydraulic engineer may be required, also with a wealth of knowledge and experience of working in the aviation industry. Terberg’s aviation equipment can be used with heavier loads and on steep ramps for the civilian and military markets. Uses include helicopters, fighter jets and large commercial airlines as well as the air conditioning units used within these and in airports offering a low noise level for use on ramps and in maintenance hangars. Aircraft tow tractors are available in either diesel or electric and can withstand extreme hot and cold environments and high altitudes. A range of Schopf Military Pushbacks are available which conform to military standards and safely handle many military aircraft.

Also offering world class fire fighting products, Terberg supply thermal imaging cameras which enable fire fighters to see through smoke, monitors, ventilation fans, portable fire fighting systems and fire fighting foams. Additional safety inspections are also available to ensure companies adhere to safety guidelines and approvals, ensuring that staff can also work safely and efficiently. Hydraquip support their customers to provide a designed solution to minimise future failures and extend the life of a machine, not simply a quick fix solution.