OEM Metal Hose

oem metal hoseWith an infinite combination of applications, hoses and fittings it is crucial that the hose assembly you choose is fit for purpose and any advice you get is accurate. The technical team at the Metal Hose Engineering division have a depth of knowledge built up over many years in the metal hose industry along with the experience they have gained in supplying specific industries. Backed by in house design for custom manufactured parts the team can provide OEM metal hose solutions for many applications and provide users with a partner rather than just a supplier. Offering full technical support, CAD design, bespoke testing and specialised welding as well as the ability to design and manufacture bespoke fittings for specific applications ensuring that every requirement is fulfilled or exceeded.

The Hydraquip Metal Hose Division we are focused on making sure customers are provided with the very best level of service with the highest level of quality, our team will help you get the correct hose to suit your specific application and work with you continually to build on our working relationship. Please feel free to contact me directly or any member of our team who will be happy to take your enquiry and start working with you to resolve your specific needs.

Contact Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division on T: 0845 260 4336 or alternatively E: [email protected]