All staff to complete training by:  11th December 2021

Hydraquip Go Live Date:  4th January 2021

Sales Order Process

SOP 1 – Create A Sales Order

  • Customer Reference = Order number = Payment
  • Contacts are important to Capture
  • Delivery address detail options
  • Adding Carriage
  • Order History (like V Line green Box)

SOP 2 – How to search for a Quotation, Sales order or Delivery Note in IQ

  • Use of Filters
  • Search Options
  • Clear button
  • Print preview

SOP 3 – How To Convert A Customer Quote To A Order

  • The copy function to update a quote
  • Right click to see items related to a quote
  • Convert a quote to an order and check details all accurate
  • Options to print or email a quote

SOP 4 – Create A Works Order

  • Search features
  • Issue Stock
  • Build Assemblies
  • Partial Completion

SOP 5 – Generating a Delivery Note from a Sales order in IQ

  • Generating Delivery Notes from a Sales Order (Known as advice notes in V line)
  • Putting a Delivery Note on hold to prevent being invoiced
  • Releasing Delivery Notes for Invoicing

SOP 6 – Counter Card Sale

  • Processing a Counter Card Sale
  • Taking A Card Payment

SOP 7 – Order Status and Colour Guide

  • Customer Status Code
  • Taking Customers Off Of Stop

SOP 8 – How To Add A CRM Contact

  • How to search for a contact
  • How to edit a contact
  • Ensure accuracy of spellings
  • Quality data captured How to search for a contact

SOP 9 – Adding, Searching and Using Customer Contacts

  • Adding customer contacts
  • Search customer contacts
  • Using Customer Contacts

SOP 10 – Chasing Quotes, Recording Outcome & Follow Up Tasks

  • Chasing Quotes
  • Recording Outcomes
  • Follow Up Tasks

Useful Info & Training Documents

Keyboard Shortcuts

F8 – Drill down When on a Button/Lookup Edit pressing F8 shows the selected object.
F8 When viewing an object like a customer this will show the list of available smart parts to allow for quick selection using the keyboard
F12  Instant Access Menu