Hydraquip’s Selfie Success For Wales Air Ambulance

Hydraquip’s Selfie Campaign Proves to be a Flying Success For Wales Air Ambulance

  • Reached over 1million people
  • Hundreds of people participated by sending in their selfies 
  • Hydraquip delighted to reach its target of £1,500  

PUBLISHED: 3rd June 2014

To celebrate the launch of Hydraquip’s latest Hose & Hydraulics trade counter branch in having opened in Wrexham on the 12th May 2014, a ‘Selfie’ campaign was launched to support a local charity.  The benefactors of this campaign were Wales Air Ambulance who were delighted with the fundraising effort that accompanied Hydraquip’s arrival in North Wales.

Wales Air Ambulance (WAA) relies entirely on charitable donations to fund their three helicopters, which cost over £6 million per year, with the average cost of attending one mission costing around £1,500. Hydraquip chose to set a target to raise £1500 from its ‘Selfie’ campaign, with 100% of all donations being donated to WAA.

Group Marketing Manager Rabs Atwal who initiated and drove the campaign for Hydraquip said, “With the popularity of smart phones and social media, a popular trend has emerged in ‘Selfies’.“ Involvement from various demographic groups ranging from celebrities, political leaders to the general public have all been seen participating in this latest craze. Atwal added “I had the idea of creating a fun selfie campaign to raise awareness for the WAA charity with donations of £1 per ‘selfie’ being donated by Hydraquip to the Air Ambulance for every photo sent in.” The campaign included WAA’s #savingtimesavinglives and Hydraquip Wrexham’s #hydraquipwrexham to raise both profiles along with creating a simple way for people to search for tweets and see what level of activity has been generated.

The ‘selfie’ campaign has generated a lot of interest with many photographs being sent in, posted, shared or retweeted on Facebook and Twitter. Hydraquip had raised £662 on the morning of the very last day of the selfie campaign. Though when it came to the final push, both Hydraquip and WWA saw a surge in the number of ‘selfies’ being retweeted and shared which saw them achieve their target of raising £1,500 for Wales Air Ambulance. One particular Facebook ‘selfie’ posted on Friday afternoon by WAA of one of their paramedics Gareth saw over 20,000 shares on Facebook reaching over 1million people which is a first time high for both Hydraqiup and WAA and an excellent way to finish off this type of campaign.

Atwal commented “Hydraquip were absolutely delighted to have reached our target of raising £1,500. It was great to see the Hydraquip Group staff members encouraging customers, friends and family to get involved and by playing an active role themselves.”  Hydraquip who deliver hydraulic hose repairs across the UK now also offer hydraulic hose repairs in Wales, saw hundreds of people from all over the world participating in its fundraising efforts for WAA. Branch Manager of Hydraquip Wrexham Stuart Spurdle added “I would like to thank everyone for helping Hydraquip Wrexham achieve our target, it has not only raised money for a worthy and very worthwhile cause but has also added a bit of fun to the working day.”

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WAA’s media Officer Jennifer Collins thanked Hydraquip for their support and donation, she stated “If it wasn’t for this campaign, we wouldn’t have had such great exposure and informed so many people about the work we do.” Lynne Garlick, fundraising manager for WAA added “Last year we attended over 2,000 missions across Wales, and it is campaigns like this that demonstrate the host of creative ways that people can get involved in helping us fly more missions to come.”

Hydraquip are looking forward to meeting the WAA team at the cheque ceremony which will be held within the next few days.

Hydraquip’s new branch has received a positive and welcoming response not just from this local charity but from the local community as it looks to create further jobs recruiting on site hose technicians for its 24/7 on site hose service operating from its Wrexham branch and in the local area.

Contact Hydraquip Wrexham on T: 01978 690 601 email [email protected]

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